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Godsleep - Live at Vantage

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Sat, Sep 30 2023 7:30 pm to 10:45 pm

(UTC timezone)


Vantage Bar, 163 Rue de Beggen, 1221 Beggen Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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GODSLEEP in Live at Vantage

Formed in 2010 Godsleep have been working relentlessly since then walking their way to entering the heavy rock pantheon.

Having been characterized as one of the most promising bands of the heavy / psychedelic rock sound from their very beginning the Athenian heavy rock rollercoaster based its very existence on powerful live appearances including participations in high profile rock festivals all around Europe and having already toured Europe twice for the promotion of their critically acclaimed debut album "Thousand Sons of Sleep" (Rock Freaks Records 2015) and then later in 2018 after releasing "Coming of Age" Godsleep's sophomore full length album as well as their most mature one to date.

Having kept their sound's core ingredients heavy / fuzzy guitars thick bass lines and powerful groovy drumming Godsleep enriched their songwriting with uniquely addictive female vocals which vary from psychedelic howls and haunting melodies to throat-ripping edgy screams. Released via legendary Greek underground rock record label The Lab Records "Coming of Age" is already rumored to be one of the most promising rock music albums coming from the Greek territory for a decade now. Godsleep return with their new album “Lies to Survive” released by “Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug” Records in April 2023.


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